Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is watching pennies costing more?

I'm in an IEEE 802.3 meeting this week working on reviewing the next generation of Ethernet standards. My employer, AMCC, graciously hosted the meeting in New Orleans. The attendance is down at this meeting, but thankfully we saw that writing on the wall far enough in advance to not take a big hit.

What is interesting though is the number of people that have shown up to the meeting at the last minute. I've been talking to people from Fortune 100 companies that have had to wait for approval from a VP for them to attend the meeting. The delay in approval had them buying airline tickets at the last minute resulting in increased travel costs.

If the goal is for corporations to save money during these tough economic times, are they really being fiscally responsible by not taking timely action? What about the cost and impact of having a VP spending their time on reviewing the travel requests? Are companies spending dollars to save pennies?

Is anyone else seeing the same thing?


Blaine Kohl said...

Not yet, but I'm seeing where cutting costs is going to start cutting into opportunities. The fearless and remarkable are the ones who win.

Loring Wirbel said...

The mere fact that the last-minuters are showing up is a good sign.

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